Friday, 23 July 2010


For you, Elys, as promised ;) I know how you love taxidermy.

Also, ducks. Everyone likes ducks


  1. Yes I do so love it. That spiky thing at the top is particularly brilliant, they're all so precise it must have taken you ages! Are they for anything specific or just general practice/not loosing the magic touch over the summer? The ducks are lovely, you can definitely tell they're the live animals!

  2. Cheers Elys! Yes just generally trying to keep the hand in. May have to write a book about the spiky thing at the top at some point, they are quite intriguing. Apparently their offspring are called puggles!! Can you think of anything cuter!!

  3. Puggles! Oh there's a book in that. It can be about how they're sad they're weird looking! Do it.